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A worn or slipping clutch could leave you broken down and stranded by the side of the road. Let’s read on to find out more.

Replacing a worn or defective clutch can be a quite a big job on today’s modern vehicles. That’s why you should always look for a company that has the expertise to deal with these problems quickly, and efficiently. Liphook Auto Services highly-qualified technicians diagnose problems quickly, and we are usually able to repair or replace a clutch in a timely fashion, often the same day.

As part of our commitment to you, at Liphook Auto Services, we only fit OE quality parts such as LUK, Valeo and Sachs, knowing it will last. We’ve found that cheaper-priced brands often have a shorter lifespan and do not carry the same reliability standards, so we will not use them.

Not sure your clutch is faulty? No problem, we can carry out a FREE clutch check While-U-Wait. We will be able to tell if there is a fault before carrying out any work on your vehicle.

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A gearbox provides the drive to your wheels and propels you along. However, as with all things mechanical, they go wrong from time to time. You may experience whining noises, that aren’t from your kids! Or, maybe it becomes difficult to select a gear. Gearbox,s also suffer from oil leaks, that can lead to other problems, often costly.

Apart from changing the oil in a gearbox, which should be done at the recommended service interval, there’s not much to do with a vehicle’s gearbox until the time comes, when it fails on you. However, it’s been our experience that total failure is rare, and is often preceded by warning symptoms. That’s the time to give us a call, so we can check it out for you.

Sometimes, depending on vehicle model, it is quicker and more cost effective to fit a reconditioned Gearbox. If this is the case, we’ll inform you at the point of diagnosing what’s wrong.

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